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After abortion support for family and friends

How We Can Help

About us

Choices provides a safe place to talk about how you have been impacted by an abortion decision. Compassionate, judgment-free support is available to anyone whose partner has had an abortion, who has been involved in an abortion decision, or who has lost a family member to abortion. All our services are confidential and free of charge.

One-on-one support

We provide one-on-one confidential support to anyone who has been affected by abortion.  Many of our trained staff understand what you are going through. Some of us have had abortions, some of us have daughters and friends who have had abortions – We understand the complex emotions that come with being a support person to someone who has had an abortion

Resources on the impact of abortion

You are not alone in feeling a sense of loss or grief over abortion. Although it didn't happen to you personally, an abortion can have a ripple effect on anyone close to the person who made the decision. We provide further resources of support so you can connect with other individuals who understand. 

"It's not forgetting that heals, it's remembering."
  Amy Greene

Abortion recovery is for you, too
Whether you tried to stop it, encouraged it, or found out about it afterward - healing and peace are waiting for you.

After abortion symptoms can be felt by partners, family and friends too. Symptoms may include anger, guilt, shame, depression, addiction, anxiety, grief surrounding certain dates involving the abortion, and others.

Contact us to learn more and talk to someone confidentially today.
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