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One-on-one counseling and support groups

How we can help

After abortion support

Choices provides a safe place to talk about your abortion experience. Whether you had an abortion many years ago or very recently, we understand that you may need someone to talk to. You may need to talk through your emotions, you may need to talk about your feelings. Confidential support is available to anyone who is considering abortion or who has had an abortion.

One-on-one support

We provide one-on-one support to anyone who has had an abortion or has been affected by abortion.  Our staff has been in your shoes and we understand the complex emotions surrounding an abortion decision.

Support for partners

If your partner or previous partner has had an abortion, we're here for you too. Whether you were involved in the decision or it was made without your knowledge or desire, we provide a safe place to talk, grieve, and find healing.

Support groups for women

For those who are ready to take the next step, we offer after abortion support groups that meet regularly. The groups provide a safe, confidential place to talk freely about your abortion and connect with others who can relate.

Support for family & friends

At Choices, we recognize that abortion can affect the entire family. Whether you lost a sibling, grandchild, niece or nephew, that loss can be acutely felt. If you were involved in an abortion decision in any capacity, we're here with compassion and support for you too.

Image by Chad Madden

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."  
Maya Angelou

More ways we can help

Support before an abortion

Choices provides free and confidential services to anyone who is considering an abortion or facing an unexpected pregnancy. We believe women deserve a safe place to learn about all the options available without coercion, judgment or cost involved. We do not financially benefit from any decision made. We're simply here for you, no matter what.

Abortion pill reversal

If you have taken the abortion pill in the last 72 hours and regret your decision, contact (877) 558 0333. The abortion process can often be reversed if you have only taken the first dose. You can contact the Abortion Pill Reversal network. They will discreetly connect you with a network of doctors and health professionals that can start the reversal process. 

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